The everyday evidence that government delivers value — like roads, infrastructure for the internet, funding for medical research and so on — is pretty obvious. Other times, it’s much less tangible. For example, student loan forgiveness or even child tax credits.

Government has a huge opportunity not just to deliver services, but also to seat those services within a broader experience that connects its users to its purpose and mission. Government delivers services and products literally all day every day, and it rarely articulates them in a context that sticks with users.

I’d argue that, over time, users lose the…

(This blog post was originally published on TechPresident on October 23, 2013; TechPresident’s blog since been taken down and I’m reposting in full here.)

Editor’s note: Merici Vinton was one of the first employees of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as digital lead. She assisted the agency’s chief technology officer Eugene Huang and its special advisor (and now Senator) Elizabeth Warren with the development of its technology and digital strategy. She oversaw the successful launch of and recruited most of the original technology and digital team. She left CFPB in June 2012. …

Ed note: This blog post was originally published on August 24, 2012 on TechPresident; TechPresident’s blog since been taken down and I’m reposting here.

On Thursday, the White House announced their new Presidential Innovation fellows and with only 2 of the 18 fellows women it left me wondering, where are the women? Last I checked, in the United States, women make up 50.9% of the population, 43.2% of the workforce, 25% of the technical workforce…and yet only 11% of the Presidential Fellows are women. We can sit and do math all day (heck, I would be thrilled if even 6…


I wanted to give an update on where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to the last few weeks.

After 10 years of pledging to never work together, I joined FutureGov for a few weeks to help their clients respond to COVID-19. FutureGov works with local and national governments and a critical piece of the local response to coronavirus is how the non-profit/voluntary/charity sector are partnering to support the most vulnerable residents.

I’m still running Ada’s List — it’s just that, for now, my attention is more on helping Camden and Hackney’s response. The Ada’s List community is still incredibly active, supportive, and being their for one another every darn day. Our COVID-19 ask/offer marketplace is going strong. …

Why I am proudly supporting Senator Elizabeth Warren

One of the benefits of actually knowing and trusting a candidate is that I have never really had to ‘justify’ or explain why I am supporting Elizabeth Warren. I had the absolute privilege of working side by side with her as we set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, so it’s no surprise to my family, friends, Obama alumni network, and beyond that I will be doing everything I can to support her campaign.

But that’s not a good endorsement speech, is it? Probably doesn’t sell on the doors.

So, here’s why…

The 2019 Ada’s List Conf
The 2019 Ada’s List Conf

ed note: the below is an email sent to the Ada’s List Global community; in an effort to be as transparent as possible, I’m also sharing here. If you’d like to join Ada’s List, sign up here.

I’m entering month 3 of running Ada’s List full time and wanted to give an update on where we’re at, what I’ve been up to and learned, and what could be next. (background: my Ada’s List announcement)

In short, Ada’s List members are an awesome, brilliant, generous, friendly group of changemakers and I have so enjoyed getting to know you all better via…

Starting in September I’m going to start running Ada’s List full time.

Since we launched Ada’s List on Ada Lovelace Day 6 years ago, we’ve gone from 4 co-founders to over 7000 women in digital globally, 4500 of those in the UK alone. Each day our community members support each other with advice, relevant events, industry news, finding a new job or hiring a new teammate, and more — our members pour their energy into help other Ada’s Listers be more successful.

And now it’s my time to join the community, full time.

Cathy Newman, Kajal Odedra (one of our vols ❤), and me at Cathy’s Book signing in June

You might not be aware, but for the last 5+ years, we have been volunteer run by an insanely…

And how to take on bias, the status quo, and much more

I recently had the honor of speaking at Google’s Women Techmakers Summit on one of my all-time favorite themes: “Courage to question.” The audience was full of whip-smart women (and a few men, too), and was one of the most fun events I’ve been to — and, equally significant, it gave us a stage on which to discuss a topic that’s central to our working and personal lives.

I was keen to get down some of the discussion on paper, and thought it might be interesting content to share — plus there was one more thing I wanted to raise…

It’s day 2 at MWC and yet it feels like Throwback World Congress. You’ve heard about the Nokia launch — but did you see the latest blackberry and Kodak phones? Or Caterpillar phones? Yea — that’s right — Kodak and CAT both launched phones to the market. Or Ubuntu, the Linux OS, running on Freephones and an IoT platform?

One trend we are seeing a lot of at MWC is established, older brands reimagining their purpose with the help of platforms — we call it hourglass brands.

These older companies have been ’squeezed’ into the middle and for years had…

Here’s President Obama giving a damn when we shook hands to celebrate the CFPB’s first birthday.

Thanks, Obama. For helping me understand what I stand for

My Obama story began very quietly compared to the impact it had on my life — I received an email to travel to Texas from Denver to volunteer during the 2008 primaries. I was a lifelong Republican and had started to question my party’s stance on gay marriage. After a cousin joined the Obama campaign in Iowa, she eagerly (let’s be real — we were all pretty eager and earnest back then) encouraged me to sign up too.

A few weeks later, I was crashing on a stranger’s couch in Austin and knocking on doors, doing data entry, and supporting…


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